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The ‘hot topic’ of the age! Most people associate BitCoin as Crypto Currency and it is without doubt the dominant coin in the market, but did you know that there are over 2,000 Crypto-Currencies out there in the market.

Everyone is attracted to the potential massive windfall gains by trading in and holding Crypto Currencies, but the risks are equally massive and you can lose your entire investment.
The important thing is that HMRC is now getting very aware of the Crypto Currency market and it is vitally important that you account for all your Crypto Transactions correctly for tax purposes and hiding Crypto currency income and gains is seen as fraud.
Our Position

T4 is invested in Crypto Currencies.  We have been trading in them for over a year.

However, we will not, cannot and would not EVER advise you on which Crypto coins to invest in, when, at what price to buy or sell or any other advice which might influence your decisions. These are definitely decisions purely for yourselves but we will work with you to ensure that you are in full control of your decision making process and with the best information available.

Our Services
T4 has learnt a great deal about the Crypto world and we can:
Train you on the workings of the market, how to research, how to invest and how to manage your risk and investment.
Help you ongoing to correctly account for all aspects of your Crypto trading and investing to ensure that all profits are correctly submitted to HMRC.
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