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CRM and Sales Systems

You have a ‘sort of’ CRM system from the moment you start in business - a combination of your contacts list on your phone, a ToDo list you write/update every day and maybe even an A5 notebook for notes from the meeting.  Oh yes, and your memory!  That’s where you remember all your prospects, when they might buy, what you’ve quoted them, and everything else.

A Customer (or Contact) Relationship Management system used to be just for companies once they’d started to build a sales team, but it’s an essential business tool for even the smallest of businesses.

T4 Consulting has been using, selling and implementing CRM systems for over 20 years.  Our recommendation is ZoHo as a ZoHo Business Partner and it’s what we use within the business to manage our entire Sales and Marketing.  We would strongly recommend looking at ZoHo as your solution.  It can start you off as a sole trader and go with you on your journey to when you’ve a full sales team and need to monitor processes and performance.

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Centralised Data

It’s fine having all your contacts in your phone address book - if you’re the only person in the business!  As soon as there are two of you and then more, you really need to have all the business contacts - customers, prospects, suppliers, general contacts - in a single place.  It’s crazy to have them all spread over several phones.  With a CRM, you can keep all this vital, commercially important, data in a central database.

Central Task List

Were you going to ring that prospect? Or was it your business partner?  Or one of the team in the office?  Again, a central task list to make sure that  no opportunities or important tasks slip through the net.  

Marketing Control

Control all your marketing efforts, especially email marketing.  Keep a track of which contacts have been included in which campaign, what they showed interest in etc.

Opportunity Tracking

No business can afford to lose business through not following up properly on the opportunity. How often have you missed out as you’re thought someone else in the business was handling the enquiry? Or simply because you have so much going through your head it slipped your mind?  Don’t worry - we’re human - we all do it.

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Automated Web Enquiries

If you fill out the ‘Contact Us’ here on our website, it may LOOK like it’s just another web-page, but in fact it’s an embedded ZoHo form which will automatically create you as a contact, create you as a lead and set up a task for someone to contact you. It will also send you an auto-reply email and send us an email with all your details from the form.  Don’t you want that sort of automation for your web enquires?

How we help

Regardless of whether you choose Zoho or another CRM system, we can help you configure it to hold all the key information you need and to entirely manage your sales process, from web-lead right through to closing the deal.

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